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AMC Headquarters
HOK Kansas City
HighTower Non Stop and Capri Chairs
Sprint Accelerator
HighTower Four Cast Stools, Teton Table, K2 Chairs, Ruby Table
Intouch Solutions
HighTower Prism
DLR Kansas City
HighTower Four Cast Stools, Linden Table and Jaxson Stool
Sporting Innovations
Helix & encompas
HighTower Four Cast High and Four Cast stools
for outdoor
HighTower Kansas City
Four Cast High Stools, Teton Table, Happy Conference, Carravaggio, Bulb Fiction
Black & Veatch
HOK Kansas City 
HighTower Happy Lounge Chair, Insula Table, 
Four Cast High Stools & Four Cast FOUR Chair
Olsson Associates
Blackbird Design Studio
Four Cast High Stools & Four Cast FOUR Chair
Monticello Branch Library
The Clark Enersen Partners
Four Cast FOUR Chair, 
Happy Lounge Chair, Flower Table,
Break Table and Lounge Chair
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